5 unique reasons to visit The Elephant Camp

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Uniquely The Elephant Camp


1). Location

Like a box seat in a fabled opera house, The Elephant Camp sits in the exclusive and pristine Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary, offering sweeping views at every turn. The only thing that disrupts the tree-lined horizon is an enormous plume of mist that erupts from the Victoria Falls and rests between the greenery of the concession, and the navy stretch of Zambian land beyond it. The Elephant Camp Victoria Falls

One glance from this direction will bring your gaze to the rim of the Batoka gorge, where the vegetation suddenly seems to spill down a gaping crater in the rock face. The surrounding highlands form one of Africa’s most unforgettable landscapes, a primordial place of rich grazing for elephants, antelope and a procession of birdlife.


2). Design and décor

The lodge is equally unforgettable. The cream canvas tents blend in seamlessly with the environment, barely disrupting the clusters of acacia, Mopane and teak trees. Filled with a boutique collected of arts and crafts made by local artisans, the décor draws together African textures and colors to create a luxurious oasis.

A deck overhanging the tangle of trees below is an idyllic place to watch a procession of wildlife around the watering hole, and dine alfresco. Sunset inspired colors fill the suites, with bursts of bold burnt orange that reflect the famous views witnessed every evening. From the private plunge pool and pavilion to the outdoor shower, guests are never far away from the wild, natural landscape.

The Elephant Camp Safari Lodge lounge area

3). Environmental initiatives

The Elephant Camp is no silent witness to the exquisite wilderness, but active participants in sustainability efforts that ensures our presence enhances the conservation status of the area.

We have infused our conservation ethos into the recent refurbishment, which tribute to our dedication to incorporating the most eco-friendly elements into the lodge. Wood was replaced by composite decking, made with 40% recycled plastic that would have otherwise entered landfills. All of our geysers are solar powered, all leftover food is fed to our worm farm, our organic vegetable garden is irrigated using grey water, and our Bio Plant eliminates waste in the less impactful way possible. Our tree nursery has played a critical role in reintroducing indigenous trees to the area, and through our collaboration with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, we have made significant waves in the realm of wildlife research and rehabilitation.

The spray of The Victoria Falls

4). Ambassador elephants

The elephant herds that live in the sanctuary act as wildlife ambassadors for their species, to champion a message of coexistence with their rural and urban neighbors. Wildlife ambassadors are animals that can not be successfully rehabilitated, and by sharing their rescue stories, these animals act as ambassadors for their species in order to increase awareness of their plight in the wild.

Research shows that wildlife ambassadors provide compelling experiences needed for people to gain personal connections and relationships with nature. The elephants epitomize this fact, and the awe and respect that visitors garner through this experience transforms their ideologies and ignites a sense of pride for their natural environment. By addressing the next generation of decision makers, we hope to inspire them to care for their natural heritage and to become the guardians of these areas in the future.


5). All-inclusive activities

The wilderness that surrounds The Elephant Camp is enveloped in the mystique of the legendary African landscape. The Batoka gorge wears the imprints of time and nature, cloaked in gravity defying tress, weathered by wind and rain that left petrified ripples along an ancient channel.

Explore the rim of the gorge on foot, or drive through this wild patch of the world to visit the elephant, seek out prolific birdlife, and witness the wildlife in their natural, untouched habitat. A visit to the Wildlife Trust offers a glimpse into the intricate nature of our conservation endeavors, while a village tour provides an insightful and enriching cultural connection with the local tribes. Set out for an early morning walk in the wilderness, tapping all of your senses to track wildlife with a top guide. Zip through a canopy of trees above the raging rapids of the Zambezi, and enjoy lunch at the iconic Wild Horizons Lookout Café.

Create your own journey, and pack your days with adventure or relax in your private plunge pool. The Elephant Camp hands you the tools to shape your unique African experience.

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